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ActiveState The best WinNT Perl Don't use the perl.exe that comes with the resource kit, it crashes all the time and leaves subliminal images on your screen that say "use vb instead"
JP Software Replacement cmd.exe Shell Probably the only company that has built a shell for Windows/DOS users ... not for Unix hacks.
IBM+PSX Good Web Server Sick of juggling ASP objects and wizards? IBM offers a blazingly fast and secure server. PSX is terse & simple embedded macro language. (Backward compatible with's CBuilder)
U.S. Patent Office Free Patent Search Did you ever think "I bet I could patent that...". A patent search is no longer an expensive and time-consuming process.
Neural Network @ Cape Canaveral Fun Weekend Download and compile some neural network code. Then watch it predict future sunspot activity! Can you think of a better way to spend the weekend?
Connected Internet Protocol Reference The fastest U.S. mirror site for "Connected" that I've seen.
Shareware.COM Tools & Utilites One of best places to find innovative software products. But you knew that.
MS Support Good Knowledge Base Search Finally an MS site that stays up for an hour or so at a time! Think they're using Apache or CBuilder? Here's my favorite support solution (in response to a ug in XL).
WinAMP Good MP3 Player If you haven't heard the sound quality that the MP3 format should. It's a viable mechanism for selling music on the web, tuning a PC into an audio center, etc. After that you can read a couple of articles on why the RIAA will restrict your ability to use it!