• command line program that grabs a url from the web and saves the data to a file
  • suitable for use in batch programs, perl or VB projects
  • faster and easier that most active-java-object-based alternatives

    so between this and qdata, you can implement database replication for arbitrary datasources on 32-bit windows platforms
    all the code was written in Visual C++ *without* the MFC (that's why it's small/fast).
    Standard Version(175K)
    No SSL version(93K)

    Example of how-to-use

    qweb /time=120 /proxy= "http://www.site.com?filenum=5" c:\output.gif_

    if the URL you are retrieving contains any "? or "&" or "|" characters
    or any other characters that will be munged by the Microsoft command-line parser
    you must put the URL in quotes....

    the default timeout value is set to 45 seconds, if you have a potentially slow connection,
    you may want to supply a "/time=" parameter

    the second argument to qweb will create a file...this is preferable to (>) redirecting

    Shareware Notice

    If you want to get documentation, DLL import LIBS, email tech support, and other advanced features, make a check for $19.95 out to:

      Prime Data Corp. #QSS0011
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    Include the product id number (#QSS0011), your e-mail address, and your real address.

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