simplified registry management with 'qreg'

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If you know how to use batch files, or perl, etc., you can use this to get/set values in the registry...useful for quickly modifying installation settings on machines on the whole enterprise, etc. It's certainly better than *clicking* a zillion times!

USAGE: qreg {set|get|delete} <key> <name> [<value>]
   OR: qreg {set|get|delete} key <key> [file]
   OR: qreg {save|load} [key] <key> <file>

Shareware Notice

If you want to get documentation, DLL import LIBS, email tech support, and other advanced features, make a check for $9.95 out to:

  Prime Data Corp. #QSS0081
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Include the product id number (#QSS0081), your e-mail address, and your real address.

  • the "save/load" commands perform the standard WinNT save/load ( you need at least "backup" privileges to perform this).
  • set/get key dump the registry in an "INI-style" ascii format - suitable for perl or other parsing tools
  • other formats are available on request
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