Build your realtime charts and graphs with 'qgif'.

If you know cgi you can use this to create 'gifs' on the fly. If not, you can still blast out thousands of charts/graphs/hour on a regular NT machine.
In conjuntion with a data processing helper (like qdata) you can produce complex overlay graphs culled from many data sources.

example syntax

qgif /bar /joint=2 /date=%b /grid /size=600,400 /border=sea:2 /in=test.csv /out=test.gif

  • inputs a file in tabbed-text format
  • dates are formatted as "month only"
  • outputs a bar chart as a 600x400 gif
  • the border is 'sea' colored, and is embedded in the image

qgif /line /xmark /col=tab /size=300,200 /joint=4 /thick=3 /in=test.csv /out=test.gif /size=300,200 /in=c:\test2.csv /out=c:\inch\web\code\test2.gif

  • outputs a line chart with only xmarks (no grid) as a 300x200 gif
  • input is from a tabbed-text file
  • lines are 3 pixels wide
  • joints are a 4 pixels radius
  • font is set to 'tiny'
  • the border is supplied by your browser

qgif /pie /col=pipe /size=320,180 /in=c:\test3.csv /out=c:\test3.gif

  • inputs a file in pipe-escaped format
  • outputs a pie chart as a 320x180 gif

qgif /help
explains more options than listed here

Example of overlay graph results:

in the registered version, you have a lot more control over the graph output and you get a 'DLL' version, overlay graph support, etc. this is our way of "securing" our product ... however please feel free to register even if you figure it all out for yourself!

Shareware Notice

If you want to get documentation, DLL import LIBS, email tech support, and other advanced features, make a check for $29.95 out to:

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