Create your own Exchange / Outlook Custom Actions ... in Visual Basic

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With a simple Visual Basic program, you can now program your own "Custom actions" for the rules-wizard, or the Inbox assistant in Microsoft's Outlook/Exchange

Simply register this control, and then create a Visual basic
	project called qExch.Action.
The ZIP comes with sample VB source code for a "Print" action.
In the registered version, you can create up to 6 custom VB
	actions, and name them anything you want.

When you register, you will......

  • a) not receive reminder messages
  • b) be able to register up to 6 custom VB actions (instead of 1)
  • c) get printable documentation
  • d) get setup help for 90 days
  • e) get a set of extended VB samples, (Auto-Forward, Auto-Save)

Shareware Notice

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