data management with 'qdata'

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if you know sql and batch files you can use this to manage simple database tasks, import mainframe files and run automated batch data processing

in conjuntion with a file transfer program (like qweb) you might even be able to get some real work done!

example syntax

qdata output datasource table1;table2;table3
outputs three files in a CSV format separated by a random string


qdata /data=datasource /input=file
inputs a number of files in CSV format
optionally separated by a random string
prefixed with formatting specs (see output of above)

qdata output odbc-data-source table /fixed=5,8+0,3 taildelim=TRUE names=FALSE
outputs three fixed-width columns of a table named "table" - with the second column right-aligned and padded with zeroes

qdata sql datasource "sp_list_tables 'dbo.db'"
executes a sql stored procedure

qdata sql datasource "q_list_groups" /param=%user%
executes a parameterized DAO query, passing the environment variable "user" as the first parameter

qdata /input=file /format=CAT
executes one or more qdata commands in the "CAT"file
including sql/output (unless verification is specified)

qdata help
explains more options than listed here

recently completely rewritten so the commands make more sense....and so that the timestamp-synchronization features are faster

Shareware Notice

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