*** Prime Data Corp. Software License Agreement *** 

 ** Q32 PRODUCTS **
The Q32 family of tools (qdata, qreg, qgif, qweb, etc.) and/or their 
   associated documentation (the PRODUCT) are intended for use by 
   experienced programmers and systems administrators.  If you feel that you 
   need help (beyond the scope of the PROCUCT) Prime Data Corp. offers 
   a wide range of consulting, training and custom applications design.

Prime Data Corp (DBA Q-Factory) requires that you (the users of this PRODUCT) 
   have read and acknowledge this Software License Agreement.  If you have 
   any problems or questions regarding this Software License Agreement 
   please do not use this PRODUCT until they are resolved.

Our PRODUCT, when registered, is licensed only for use on or for a single machine 
   by the purchaser or "licensee" only. The ownership of this PRODUCT 
   registration/license may be transferred by the to another user or 
   machine only if the software has been completely removed from the 
   original owner's machine and all backup copies have been destroyed. 
   If this software resides on a shared applications server, or is used to
   administrate multiple machines, licensed copies are extended on a 
   "per simultaneous user" basis (number of users within a 5 minute interval).

You may distribute our unlicensed PRODUCT *freely* to FTP sites, 
   Bulletin Boards, Shareware/Freeware/Public Domain archives, CD-ROMS, 
   Magazine Cover Disks and CD-ROMS, etc.  However, our products are 
   not free. If you have not paid for a LICENSE (above), and you are 
   using our PRODUCT on a regular basis (more than a month) in your 
   home or business, you may continue to use the product only if you 
   pay the registration fee. If you require registration please send 
   mail to register@q32.com.

Distribution of the package in any form is subject to ALL the
   following conditions:

    [1] ALL the files originally included with the PRODUCT (see the 
       list of the files in README.TXT) must be included,


    [2] NO ATTEMPT must be made to modify or alter ANYTHING in any of
        the files,


    [3] You must not charge ANYTHING for distributing this package (disk
        vendors may charge a reasonable fee, not exceeding US$5 for
        media and duplication).

Unlicensed distribution, modification and/or disassembly
   of this software is strictly prohibited.

This PRODUCT is sold "as is" and without warranties
   as to performance of merchantability or any other warranties whether
   expressed or implied. Because of the various hardware and software
   environments into which this program may be put, no warranty of fitness
   for a particular purpose is offered. You use this package ENTIRELY AT 

Because of the low-level nature of the tools we offer, 
   the user of this software acknowledges that there may be a risk of 
   hardware damage or information loss as a direct or indirect result of
   the installation or use of this software.

In no event shall we (Prime Data Corp) be liable for any damages whatsoever
   (including, without limitation, damages for loss of business profits,
   business interruption, loss of business information, or other pecuniary
   loss) arising out of the use of or inability to use the PRODUCT, even 
   if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages. If these 
   terms are not acceptable to you, then please DELETE all the files from 
   your disks IMMEDIATELY AND PERMANENTLY, and accept a full refund.


Our business office may be contacted from 9-5 PM (EST) 
   Monday through Friday.  For licensing question and legal matters, 
   please expect a response within 5 business days.

      Prime Data Corp
      5 Bleecker Street
      New York, NY  10012
      (212) 605-0245