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*** long list of changes *** updated on 9/25/99 ***

9/25/99upgradeqweb switched to openssl 0.9.4 (inheriting some ssl fixes... also fixed some 100 continue issues
9/23/98enhanceqgif added support for negative numbers in bars and pies .. added /!neg switch to disable
8/11/98maintqweb fixed a SSL cert bug for some international web servers
4/11/98enhanceqmail mailing list code-speed improved...
3/11/98maintqweb added proxy authentication to pro version, fixed secure password bug caused by /retry code
3/11/98fixqmail multiuser mailings don't have to end in "1", invalid recpt's are ignored, but reported
3/11/98fixqreg save always clears out the previous file, load doesn't report senseless access denied messages
3/05/98featureqweb /head option retrieves headers only, option "/other=header:value" prepends an arbitrary header
3/03/98featureqweb /nofollow option can now be /follow=domain, /follow=machine, etc.
2/26/98fixqreg you can put the "hkey" in front if you really want to
2/25/98fixqreg specifying an invalid path no no longer gpf's + \\machine\root\path works (again)
2/5/98stuffqgif stack charts look more reasonable, /normalize works right with lots of value, overlays are more fun
1/27/98fixnicwatch fixed the -more than 9 rows- bug
1/26/98featureqweb If you /post=?query-string, you can faux-post from the command line without a file
1/20/98featureqweb Added /retry option which tries again using a simpler (v 0.9) http request string
1/13/98newqexch Add in allows custom actions wo be fully written in VB. (Much better than launcher.dll)
1/10/98releaseqweb DLL version supports (FILE* pipe) insead of writing to (char* path)
12/21/97featureqreg "save" and "load" whole registry trees, improved help :), "get" and "set" ascii dumps of the regitry
12/2/97featureqdata /ignore now truncates large text fields, LineCount cat-file option can be used to validate internet data transfers
10/16/97prunedqweb removed MFC code from qweb...result was 120K smaller + faster
8/16/97features qgif added /stack, /{x|y}step=val[,min][,max]
8/16/97fix qgif /interpolate option messed up un-interpolated x-axis...fixed now
8/15/97features qgif /interpolate works, proper /scatter graph, /args=
8/11/97fix qgif large line graph accuracy bug
5/22/97feature qdata validate forces CAT files to be secure, rather fast bulk-mode with ODBC servers
5/16/97msjunk! qweb added default User-Agent/Accept since IIS dies otherwise
4/05/97new! qgif added custom fonts, fixed scaling
2/23/97new! qgif added /[x|y]caption options
2/13/97new! qweb added /nofollow option
1/03/97new! qweb secret pseudo-security-breaching features
1/03/97fixed qweb noclobber file bug fixed
12/02/96feature qgif create cgi-app graphs and charts
11/15/96fixed qdata spammed i/o problem when redirecting..and a prob reporting errors
10/10/96added qreg remote local-machine-key set/get ... now admins can rule the world!
9/9/96rewrote qdata , new command-line interface...much faster, full support for sql server
8/10/96patched qdata for stored procedures
7/29/96patched qweb , so if you post a file that doesn't still works
7/14/96decided qweb does not need ssl->proxy->ssl->host support even though it's 2 lines of code...because I can't imagine someone using it
6/27/96sped up qstyle (of course with the XL macro language...this is kind of a joke....)

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